Collaboration is important to me. A 'together we're stronger' approach draws on expertise, energises minds and creates a culture where ideas and results can flourish.

I have a core team of people across the region: designers, copywriters, illustrators, photographers and web developers. These are people I trust and who I've worked with for many years. I'll bring these experts in as required on a project by project basis, so whatever your needs, I'll make sure I have the right person for the job.

I use my time and resources wisely, which means I can offer you better value for money and a more personal service.

It is all of the above — doing work that is consistently strong, smart, distinctive, memorable and different — that has seen my business grow.

Paul Elliot Smith

My process

To give you an idea of what to expect from a design project, below is an overview of our process. Since every project is unique, the approach may differ, but will always include the following components:



Twitter is great, we all love email, but I want to really get to know you and your business, so before we start work I will come and meet you, face to face, in the real world, like they did in the good old days. Failing that we can use Zoom or Teams. We need to ask you questions to decide the direction and audience we need to communicate to. 
You know your business better than anyone, so your input is important, but I'm the expert in branding and marketing, so you’ll know you can trust me to get on with things. 
I will then put together a proposal for you, (just in case you’ve forgotten what we talked about), with key milestones and project objectives, so we all know where we stand and what to expect. I am flexible though, so of course we can add or amend as we go along. It’s just nice to have a plan.



Once you commit to working with me a down payment is made. I may ask you a few more specific questions. Additional research may be required to learn about your industry, competitors, etc. 
I spend a great deal of time researching, to get into the head-space of your industry. I also study the historical and future perspective of your company within your industry. 



I take great care and pride when I develop and design a logo. After all the formalities are out of the way, such as the initial face-to-face meetings, quote and deposit invoice, the fun begins. This is where I conceptualise my ideas.
This is an important step, as well as the most time consuming. It's the bit that gets us out of bed in the morning. I will shortlist and then develop our strongest ideas.



I will present you with my ideas, and give you time to digest them. This is very much a starting point - you’re not under pressure to like the very first thing I create, or to make a quick decision. This is your brand remember, it’s important.
If I am designing a logo my designs will be presented to you in mock-up form (ex: displayed on a business card, signage, etc). This will give you a better sense of what the logo will look like in real life application or as part of a cohesive brand. 



The next step is the exciting bit, where your brand identity really starts to take shape. You will feedback your thoughts and I will take these on board, developing my ideas to really get to the heart of who you are. I am no pushover though - I know branding, I know what works, so be prepared for me to challenge you and push you outside your comfort zone.



And then the best bit, the handover. Upon final payment I will give you your new logo, your stack of leaflets and your awesome business cards, you tell me (and your friends) how fantastic I am to work with, and we all live happily ever after.  

Words From My Clients

  • Illustration

    Aisling Magill

    Photographer at Aisling Magill Photography

Paul is a stalwart of the local community, encouraging local business and promoting the benefits of print media via his magazine. I’ve worked with Paul at various events and on different projects and have always found him fun and totally professional. I would highly recommend working with Paul if you are in need of some splendid design work or if you would like to advertise your business in a different way.

  • Illustration

    Victoria Turner

    Women's Holistic Life Coach & Founder of Victoria's Promise Holistic Gift Shop

Paul created the artwork for both my logo and business cards, and I am extremely pleased with the end result. Both the logo and business card designs reflect my values, personality, skills and strengths, and are certainly unique. I enjoyed the process of being actively involved in the creative process, and I thoroughly recommend Paul's services.

  • Illustration

    Darren Sidnick 

    CEO, HotSquash Ltd

Paul designed a superb website for HotSquash, and worked on various other pieces of design. He is very personable and easy to work with.

  • Illustration

    John Lamb

    Commercial Manager at UK Storage Company

When working with Paul he was always excellent at meeting deadlines and working under pressure. He had a good commercial mind and always gave customers constructive advice not only to improve their design and print but also their marketing.