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For this project I worked closely with Director Mark Bulman to plan a strategic shift from his previous business 'Any Clearance' to 'Bulmans Removals & Clearance. 
This saw a change in the marketplace from customers who largely valued low cost for waste, to a new customer that valued care, attention and service, and are happy to pay for that. 
The rebranding saw a real dive into brand values, customer avatars and how to build the bridge and move in the marketplace to reposition, whilst maintaining brand equity and reputation built up over the years. The new brand identity then carried across printed stationery, uniforms and livery.

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"I've had the privilege of collaborating with Paul over the past 2 1/2 years. Our partnership began with a brand refresh and a strategic shift to leverage our strengths, culminating in a comprehensive rebranding effort. Paul's exceptional ability to seamlessly operate at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels has driven our continued engagement.
Paul's unique talent lies in his fluidity to navigate these different dimensions effortlessly. This dynamic approach has proven immensely successful, allowing us to formulate high-level objectives and devise well-aligned strategies, streamlined processes, and impactful projects that progressively build upon one another. The outcome has been an integrated strategy seamlessly linked with execution processes, commencing from pinpointing our target audience and extending to crafting compelling assets tailored for authentic customer engagement.
Paul's wealth of knowledge, expertise, and expansive network has made him a comprehensive solution for our diverse marketing needs. Effectively functioning as a singular, reputable marketing agency, Paul has significantly outperformed his larger counterparts regarding deliverables. He is the quintessential embodiment of a skilled, reliable, and efficient marketing partner. Should you be earnestly committed to elevating your business's marketing endeavours, my endorsement of Paul comes without reservation".

Mark Bulman

Chief Operating Officer at Bulmans' Removals & Clearance